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Rosen RVR2000 20GB Digital Video Recorder (DVR) For T10 and T12

Complementing the new T10 and T12 overhead entertainment systems, the RVR2000TM is the ultimate accessory for on-the-road entertainment and has been engineered and tested for automotive use. Take your entertainment library anywhere and eliminate scratched and damaged discs. Store up to 25 full-length movies, 40 hours of TV programming (80 hour shows) or 4,800 MP3 music files with the 20GB Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The removable DVR is housed in a compact cassette and includes high speed USB and docking connection ports with self-aligning docking guides. The RVR2000TM includes a home docking station, RCA cables, USB cable for connection to a PC, wireless remote control for use while connected to the home docking station, detailed installation guide and quick reference card. 3 WAYS TO LOAD MEDIA TV/HOME THEATER Connect the DVR?s home docking station directly to your home entertainment system and easily load TV and movies. Also includes a 30-60-90 minute timed record feature. A wireless remote is included to allow you to control the system?s record and playback features. PC Simply drag and drop files onto the DVR?s hard drive from a PC via the high speed USB port located on the card drive cassette. T10/T12 ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM The T10 and T12 all-in-one systems are equipped with an on-board dock specifically designed to accept the DVR?s 20GB hard drive cassette. Instantly record a movie or audio from the T10 or T12 while watching a movie or listening to an audio disc in your vehicle.

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