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Vintage Consumer Electronics Repair - Restoration Specialists
Buy.com Monthly Coupon We service, repair, restore and refurbish vintage and aged consumer and professional electronics, including vintage amplifiers, cassette decks, reel to reel tape recorders, home audio systems, cd players, vcr's, radios, and professional sound equipment. Guitar amplifiers, PA systems, Mixers, Keyboards, Wireless and Effects Systems.

Solid state, or vacum tube amplifier service and repair.

Reasonable rates, all work is guaranteed and backed by our 90 day warranty on LABOR, PARTS warranties vary by manufacturer.

Consumer Electronics Brands We Service:
Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Luxman, Dennon, RCA, Sanyo, Emerson, Marantz, Teac, Tascam, Kenwood, Phase Linear, SAE, Sound Craftsman, Bose, Scientific Audio, MacInstosh, Arcam, NAD, Sansui, Panasonic and many more brands email if you dont see it here.

Professional Electronics Brands We Service:
Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Vox, Kustom, Digitech, Tascam, Shure, Nady, Behringer, Crate, Randall, Peavey, Yamaha, Roland, Epiphone, Gibson, Korg, Ibanez, Alesis, Boss, Mackie, Zoom, Akai, Marshall, M-Audio, Vestax, Silvertone, AKG, Fostex and many more.

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